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Nn Lolitas

Posted on July 18 2012


Related article: Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 10:08:34 -0500From: Paul Daventon Subject: Dukes of Windsor 12THE DUKES AND DUCHESS OF WINDSORDisclaimer: This story concerns mainly homosexual men and their lives,relationships and sexual activities. It was inspired only by my visionsand invention. This tale is entirely fictional. If there are anysimilarities to actual people, places or events, it is purely coincidental.If you are under 18 or if reading this story would be illegal for you inyour area or if you don't like the subject matter, please leave now.Always be SAFE. Otherwise read on and I hope you enjoy.The Dukes of Windsor Copyright 2004 by Paul H. Daventon. All rightsreserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any mannerwhatsoever without written permission of the author. If you are enjoyingthis story, write to me at dukesofwindsorjuno.comWhen you write, please put "Dukes" or "Dukes of Windsor" in the Subjectline so I concentrate on story email. Thanks, Paul.* * * * *THANK YOU I'd be remiss if I didn't thank David and Allen for editing thechapters of this story. They have made the writing smoother, more correctand easier to read.. Thank you guys so much for your help and yourencouragement, keeping me on the path. Love you forever. Paul DaventonAUTHOR'S Nn Lolitas NOTE: The Dukes and Duchess of Windsor has 38 chapters and thestory is finished. I will put a chapter on each week if all goeswell. P.D.* * * * *===========Chapter Twelve=========== In the cold early morning Matt was clothed only in his sleepshorts and heavy, wool socks, getting some breakfast. Hardy had left foran early meeting with some of his seminar mates, working on a project forDr. Ridgway, a few minutes before and Matt got up with him to make sure heate some breakfast, too. He remembered fondly, the "Yes, Mom" remark fromhis lover when told his breakfast was on the table. It was hot oatmeal(not Hardy's favorite), orange juice and coffee, but it was food. And heate it. Hardy hugged him before he left, kissing him gently, casuallysliding his hands behind Matt inside his sleep shorts, feeling the sensualcontours of Matt's bare buttocks. Then he left, after heating up Matt'shyper-blood pressure level. Matt finished two pieces of toast with butter and jam and wasjust drinking his coffee when the phone rang. He glanced at the clock,wondering who would be calling at 8:00 Nn Lolitas A.M. Nn Lolitas "Hello?" "Hi, Matt, this is Dean McAllister." "Good morning, sir," he answered. "Good morning, Matt, I Nn Lolitas need you here at the music building,actually in your office, as soon as you can make it." "Well, that depends how you want me, sir. I'd be quicker if Istayed as undressed as I am, but would probably freeze." He laughed,"Sorry, sir, I'll be there in about a half hour. OK?" "That would be fine, Matt. We are making some progress in ourRV mystery and you need to be here to witness this session. See youthen. Bye" "Bye." Matt set his dishes in the sink and headed for his bedroomwhere he Nn Lolitas showered, cleaned up and put on his usual casual clothes, actuallydressing warmer than usual. At the front door he wondered if he'd have towalk. He put on the heavy parka and stepped out on the porch. "Ah, Hardy,you good lad. You left the van for me to drive. One of these days, when weget some spare money, we need to get you a vehicle of your own."* * * * *A few weeks before, Matt had looked around the office sectionof the music building for a better office for himself. When he arrived,he'd been given the dinky, cruddy office which he used until he saw otheroffices which were much nicer. He finally decided that the room which housed his graduatemusic seminar, would do for his office. Much larger and nicely decorated,this room could hold his office furniture along with an easy chair he foundin a used furniture store. That was besides the round seminar table witheight desk chairs that also helped to fill the room. But, he was much moresatisfied. He wondered who it might have been who had assigned him theworst office in the building. Hmmm, he thought. 'Bet I know.' Walking into his office Matt found Dean McAllister sitting inhis Nn Lolitas desk chair, four young men sitting at the seminar table Nn Lolitas and an olderman looking at his bookshelves. "Hi Matt, I better introduce you to these people." He turnedto the older man, "This is Dr. Ben Sheldon, our esteemed physics professor,who will be helping us to solve part of our mystery. And these," he turnedto the young men, "are four students in the professors advanced physicsclass. I'll let him introduce them. Doctor." Nn Lolitas Dr. Sheldon extended his arm and hand to shake Matt's handwith a fine smile, "Matt, I'm Ben and these gentlemen are, on my right, Ianand James Campbell while those on my left are Perry and Eamon O'Brien. Youprobably noticed that Perry and Eamon must be twins," Matt nodded, "but Ianand James are twins also, but of the fraternal variety." Nn Lolitas Ian and James, Matt noted, were a husky pair, fine-looking menof Scottish inheritance, well built and appearing intelligent andinteresting. Perry and Eamon were quite similar, smaller than theCampbells, but no less intelligent and bright looking. "Matt, each term I have the advanced students create asituation where they are using the physics examples we studied in a realworld condition. When these men told me that they had moved the RV fromyour warehouse to another warehouse to illustrate one of those principals,I suggested strongly that they immediately get in touch with you to let youknow where the RV was. I remained in their presence until they did Nn Lolitas that." "Subsequently, someone else removed the RV from the placewhere they had put it. Now, no one knows where it is. I have been talkingto these men to see if they could suggest anyone who might have Nn Lolitas done that." Ian Campbell spoke up, "Dr. Ridgway, we know we did a verystupid thing, and we admit that we did not think of the repercussions ofour act. However, we apologize to you and are very sorry that we did it."All four men were looking directly at Matt, "And, we hope you can forgiveus and not come down too hard on us." Dr. Sheldon broke in, "Matt, I'm sure they see what could beahead for them, and do regret very sincerely their action. I, for one,would hope we could solve this without taking them to the police andcourts." The sincerity in the eyes of these Nn Lolitas young men fairly leapedtoward Matt and he had to resist smiling at them. "Gentlemen, if, and thatis a big if, we find the RV in perfect shape, I think we can solve thissituation among the seven of us here." The boys immediately and visiblyrelaxed, showing their relief that they might get off. "Do you have anyideas of someone who would have done the stealing?" All four shook their heads in a way that Matt was reasonablycertain they were telling the truth. "Well, Campbell's and O'Brien's," he stopped, "by the way,could Jeff O'Brien be a relative of yours?" Perry and Eamon smiled, "Yes, he's our younger brother, hardlyas big as the tuba he plays." Nn Lolitas Everyone laughed. "But, Dr. Ridgway, we doknow how great he is on the instrument." "So, that was how you heard of the RV, right?" "Yes. We heard him talking to someone about it. Then wefollowed you and Hardy to the warehouse where you stashed it." "Okay, men, keep in touch if you think of anything to getyourselves out of this mess." He turned to Ben Sheldon, "Ben, could I talkto you for a few minutes after we let the others go." "Sure." The Campbells and O'Brien's and the Dean left the office, theyoung men considerably perkier than when they came in. "Ben," Matt started, "what I'd like to know is if you have anyof my band members in your advanced physics classes. Would you make a listof your students and their addresses as soon as you could, and have someonebring it to me?" "Sure, Matt. By the way I thought your Dukes and Duchess ofWindsor were excellent. I had no idea we had such fine talent here atWindsor College." "Thanks, Ben. And we hope to make it better all the time. Andyou must have some physics class there, real geniuses." He smiled.* * * * * That morning Little Jeff and Big Jeff were in their room inthe dorm, lazing around, reading a couple of People magazines, trying tofind their favorite male stars in less clothing than usual. Both Jeff's had been home for Christmas, Nn Lolitas but elected to returnto the college to study and do research. And, of course, they wanted to betogether. Windsor College kept most of the campus libraries open during theholidays, except for Dec. 25 and Jan. 1, and the Jeffs took advantage ofthat. Of course, that meant they were in the dorm practically bythemselves, where they could do pretty much what they wanted. Late theprevious night they had taken showers in the communal bathroom on theirfloor, and also managed to shag each other with wild abandon.They were lying on LJ's bed, facing opposite ends, relaxedexcept for their sore assholes but at ease with each other. LJ's right legwas against BJ whose right arm was lying along it. His fingers idly felthis lover's leg, teasing the hair he found on LJ's thigh. Little Jeffalways complained about how much Big Jeff's cock hurt him, however becauseof its small size, Big Jeff accommodated LJ's Nn Lolitas pole well. Little Jeff'sstory was quite different since it was only recently that he Nn Lolitas was able totake Big Jeff's cock up his ass, and that day he was really sore. Almost unconsciously, BJ's hand worked it way farther up LJ'sthigh until it disappeared under his shorts. BJ's progress Nn Lolitas only stoppedwhen he felt his fingers touch LJ's ball sack, then his penis, soft andlimber. LJ looked down the bed to BJ's eyes, "What are you doing,love? If you mess around too much, you will have to clean it up." BJ smiled, "What if I catch it on my tongue, babe, then Iwon't have to tidy you up." "In that case, Jeffie, carry on, just don't get near my ass."To hurry things along, LJ slid his only garment, his shorts, off his buttto his knees. BJ took them the rest of the way off his feet. LJ's dick wasn't really hard, but by the time BJ had lickedhis Nn Lolitas way up the inside of LJ's legs, it was standing tall, well, as tall asit gets, maybe 6 inches long, about 3 inches in circumference. It was notone of the big ones, but BJ certainly enjoyed having his full hard cockinside him whenever he felt like it. LJ lay quietly all the while when BJ was laving his balls, hisperineum and a good swipe gently around his asshole. But when BJ started tolick his cock, LJ started to move, twisting and turning on his bed of love.Sinking his mouth to LJ's pubes, then back out to suck on his head, BJ wasexciting LJ's passion, his eroticism to a peak. LJ hollered, "Oh, god, Jeffie, that is so good, you got megoin', babe, keep it up and I'll give you a big load... oh... man... IT'SCUMMING, man, take it, it's here." His cock started shooting squirt aftersquirt onto Jeff's tongue and some down his throat. LJ may not have a bigcock, but he shot pints of cum and many pulses. BJ could easily swallow abunch and still have a mess to drop into LJ's mouth when they were done. After LJ had recovered a bit, he reached to BJ's armpits andpulled BJ's body up and his head level with his own head, opened his mouthto receive BJ's gift of LJ's own cum. He loved it and savored it. BJ layon top of LJ who easily tolerated the extra weight, about half his ownweight. Both young men relaxed and slept a bit. But when BJ woke,noted the time on the clock, he woke LJ, too, with some loving kisses onhis mouth and face. "Jeff, it's almost noon, I need to call Perry andEamon to see what happened at their meeting. Hang on." "Hello?" "Hi, there, brother, it's Jeff." BJ couldn't tell which twinwas which on the phone, and Nn Lolitas often not even with them in person. He knewPerry had a small birthmark on his left butt cheek, but that clue was notreadily available for his inspection. Even when they explained who was who,he was never really sure if they were giving him a hard time or not. WhenJeff had come along, Perry and Eamon realized the opportunities of theirtwinship to fool around other people "Hi, Jeff, what's up?" "Uh, BJ and I were just lying ... ah ... sitting herewondering how your meeting went with Dr. Ridgway and the Dean." Sarcastically, "Yeah, I'll bet you were just sitting there,bro. Nn Lolitas We'll talk about that later." He continued, "Eamon and I and theCampbell twins may come out of this okay, if they find the RV in goodshape." BJ could Nn Lolitas be talking to Perry, or Eamon since they pulled thattrick often. Perry continued, "They might be able call it a student prank'if they get it back." "Well, Perry, I was worried about you two. You know I do loveyou very much, whether it means anything to you or not." "BJ, don't get snitty on me, bro, we love you just as much.Remember, it doesn't matter if you are gay, we still love you. If you hearanything about where the RV might be now, be sure to let us know and we canget the credit." BJ laughed, "Okay, my brother bubble, double trouble, I'm withyou. Take care, bye." "Bye." BJ explained to LJ just what had happened at the meeting. "Hope they'll be ok." "Yeah."* * * * * In his office Matt was working on his teacher's paperwork,wishing it would go away. He'd had the graphics arts department,Christine's uncle, design and print a brochure for the Dukes of Windsor,their type of programs, instrumentation, and availability for performances.Then he had sent them out to many colleges and universities around thestate, sticking to Ohio for the time being. Just as his phone rang, Hardy walked into his office, shuttingthe door behind him. He leaned over Matt with a kiss on each cheek. "Hello?" "Hi, is this Dr. Matthew Bunker Ridgway?" Matt answered, wondering, "Yes, that's me." He paused, "Aha, Iknow who this is. It must be David Delmont Drumm. Right?" "Yes, you get the cigar. How you doing, Matt?" "Everything is going along very well, Dave, on the whole. Butyou know how that goes." David Drumm was a friend of Matt's from the University of Ohioin Columbus, both striving to get their doctor's degree. They had beengood friends, but not really close. "Well, Matt, I got your brochure for the Dukes and Duchess ofWindsor. Clever. I'm director of bands at Otterbein College in Westerville.You remember where that is, right?" "Of course, Dave, we used to play gigs at the American LegionHall there. What's up?" "If you have room in your schedule, we'd like to sponsor theDukes and Duchess on Friday, January 17, at 7:30 P.M. in our CowanAuditorium. Actually, from the picture you sent, you could just send theDuchess, she'd do fine." "Aha, sex discrimination! Shame!" "Hush, Matt. The Dean at the University of Ohio campus inRiver City is an old teacher of mine and he told me about your performancethere. Sounds wonderful. Do you know about that date?" Hardy had been listening, looked at their calendar and wasnodding his head. "Well, Dave, my assistant indicates that we are available." "That's great, Matt, ah... ah... would that assistant beanother of your friends?" "Hush, Dave, but .. yes... but this one is for keeps." David Drumm knew about Matt and his orientation. Dave was notgay, but he liked Matt very much and felt that whatever turned Matt on, wasfine with him. "Oh, Matt, I'm so pleased for you. I'm anxious to meet Nn Lolitas him." "Well, Dave, his picture is on the brochure, last on theleft." "Oh, my god, Matt, he's gorgeous. Man, are you ever lucky."Hardy nodded his head. "Don't I know it?" he thought, "I do have a few questions,Dave, mainly about where we will play." Dave described the auditorium, which would hold a thousand orso, large stage with full lighting and all the amenities including soundsystem. We do have another venue, Riley Auditorium in the Battelle FineArts Center which will hold up to 275 attendees. The stage area isprobably not what you would want." "Dave, the group needs to change quickly between numberssometimes. Would there be a way to do that in the wings, or close by?" "Sure, Matt, at Cowan Hall, that has plenty." "Don't forget; one of them is a woman." "Matt, I couldn't forget that, that is a woman," he exclaimed. "We don't actually need a sound system except for when I'mspeaking while they are changing their costumes. We will also need to parkour bus next to the auditorium, save time getting ready and stuff." "Can do, Matt. We'll ink that date for you now, and give acall if anything comes to mind. I'll be around most of the time until then.No trips or anything. Hey, Matt, let me talk to your assistant there." "Dave, his name is Hardy Wolfe, here he is." "Hi, Dr. Drumm, this is Hardy Wolfe." "Hi Hardy, I just wanted to tell you that you have the bestman in the world as your partner, and if he ever gives you a bit oftrouble, let me know and I'll settle him down. Okay?" "Sure, but I think I'm the one who might give him trouble." "I don't think so, Hardy, you are also one of a kind, I cantell and I know Matt very well, too. Now, let me talk to Matt again, I'llsee you in two weeks." Nn Lolitas "Dave, I'm back on." "Matt, can he hear me?" "No, Dave, he left the room." Actually Hardy had run out ofthe room with tears in his eyes, overcome by Dave's praises. "Is he a Wolfe of THE Wolfe's of Columbus?" "Yes, Dave, though his mother divorced her particularWolfe. Enough said." "Man, I heard Hardy play when he was in high school, in fact,he was so good I offered him a scholarship to attend Otterbein, but he hadother plans. I guess you were in them." "No, Dave, we didn't meet until last September in my graduatemusic seminar." "Boy, you are some lucky dog, I'd say." He thought a moment,"I can't think of anything else, Matt, give me a call next week, okay?" "Sure, Dave, and thanks for the invite. We'll see you then, myfriend." "Okay, Matt, and hang on to that Wolfe in Nn Lolitas your heart. Nn Lolitas I knowwe aren't of the same nationality; I still envy you, bye."* * * * * That night after they were finished with dinner, Matt andHardy were sitting on the living room sofa, fully dressed. Their favoriteposition was Matt sitting behind Hardy, his legs spread and his loversitting between them, leaning back on Matt's chest. Matt's arms encircledHardy's body, sometimes his chest, sometimes his abdomen and oftencursorily cupping his genitals. This was their rest time, a quiet time after work and supperwhen they could share their day, their thoughts and speak of their love foreach other. In that position they never went very far, sexually, becausethat was not the time, nor the place where they made love. It was just alittle idiosyncrasy of their partnership. Some might call them anallyretentive, but it was what they liked. Matt told Hardy all about the meeting that morning withDr. Sheldon, Dean McAllister and the four boys from Sheldon's class ofadvanced physics. "So, what are you thinking now, Matt? Why did you want thenames and Nn Lolitas addresses of Dr. Sheldon's classes? "My main thought is that someone must have had previousknowledge of the four twins project and followed them to watch while theyfollowed us. I don't know who would be more likely to know than otherstudents in their class. And, after they stole the RV, they moved it outof the general area of Windsor. I wanted to see who of them has a homeoutside of the city but still not too far, say, in the vicinity of Bryan,most likely." "Hmmm, that's good thinking, Matt. They might live on a farm,working or not, which would have a large barn to store the RV. Have you hada chance to look them over yet?" Matt lowered his head, pressing his lips to Hardy's right ear,giving him a mighty kiss. Hardy flinched as he made the loud noise. "Yes,and I might have found someone. But, I can't just go there to look intheir barn. So I called Brian, suggesting a possible location and he Nn Lolitas wouldorder the helicopter up this evening. He might call anytime." At that moment the phone beckoned. Matt walked to the kitchenwhere they last left the phone. "Hello?" "Hi, Matt, it's your brother-in-law, Gary, with some goodnews." Matt started to say something, but Gary interrupted, "Matt, nowjust listen. You have a court date tomorrow morning at 11:00 A.M. inColumbus. Your case against University Printers is due for a judgmentthen. Do you have any kind of an airport in Windsor?" "I don't think so, but there probably is one in Bryan, that's12 miles away." "Okay, that's fine. I checked with the University of OhioAirport and with previous warning, you will be able to land there. I willhave a limo waiting for you. You will need to be at that airport bynine-thirty; we do need to talk before the session. Okay?" "Gary," Matt's voice shook a bit, "I. I ... I don't think Ican fly in a little plane. They scare me to death." "Matt, you're a big man now, but you can bring Hardy with youif that will help." Matt looked at Hardy, his eyes very moist, "Thanks, Gary, I'lldo that. He can hold my hand all the way." He smiled at Hardy, and thenheld out his hand to him. Hardy walked to Matt, gently taking his hand inhis own, the other hand around his waist. "Gary, I'll do some calling, the airport should still be open,and make a flight plan. And I'll call you as soon as I can." "Good man, do that. Love you, bye." Half an hour later, Matt had completed all thearrangements. He told Hardy that they would have to be at the airport by8:00 A.M. to takeoff by 8:15 and to arrive by 9:30. He also called Garyback and told him of the arrangements. Gary was satisfied.* * * * *The airport was very cold at 8:00 A.M. in Bryan, cold andwindy, their suits and topcoats were not much protection. Naturally, Mattwas worried about all that wind, gusting, maybe crashing the plane. Hardypooh-poohed that thought. The plane and pilot were ready and they took offwithin fifteen minutes. As they soon passed over Bryan, Hardy was lookingdown at the ground so far below. Matt didn't look. "You know, Matt, I just saw a couple RV dealers' lots, full ofRV vehicles. That would be a good way to hide an RV for a short time,especially if they could cover up the Dukes of Windsor lettering on thesides. Might be a way." "Well, if the possibility I have going doesn't turn out forus, that should be the next step."* * * * *After landing, Hardy agreed that it was a bit of a bumpy ride,but he was more worried about ever using that hand again. His lover hadbeen holding it very tightly all the way. "I'm sorry, Hardy, but I don't think I could have made itwithout you." Matt brought only a briefcase and Hardy just brought himself.The limo was where Gary had said it would be. Within half an hour they hadtraveled Route 315 to downtown Columbus and pulled up at the courthouse,near the State House. A young man from Gary's office met them, leadingthem to a conference room Gary had reserved. Matt, Gary and Hardy shook hands. "How was the trip, Matt?" Hardy held out his hand, making it look gnarled and totallyuseless. "Look what he did to my hand." He gave Matt a look of such loveit would be immediately evident to anyone watching, especially the judges. Gary whispered, "Hardy, don't give Matt a look like that inthe court, please. We might have the decision I'm hoping for reversed.These judges are not noted for their liberal views. Okay?" Hardy was embarrassed, Nn Lolitas he reddened, "Okay, Gary," he saidquietly, "I'll try, but it is very difficult," he blushed again, "you knowwhat I mean." Gary nodded.* * * * *Gary had opted for a decision by judges only, three of thebest in literary cases. They had only been in the courtroom for ten minuteswhen their case was brought up for judgment. Nn Lolitas Nn Lolitas "Dr. Ridgway, are you in the courtroom?" Gary goosed Matt tostand up, straighten his coat, and told him to look intelligent. Matt gaveGary a dirty look. Nn Lolitas Gary stood beside Matt. That pleased Matt, hisnecessary crutch. The judge in the center of the three began with comments aboutthe case, caustically condemning the University Printers for their actions,especially sending thugs to steal Dr Ridgway's original copies of his work.That had been proven. "Dr. Ridgway, the decision of this court is to the effect ofawarding you $500,000 owed to you from previous sales of your book, plus$250,000 more for damages to your professional reputation and furtherdamages of $250,000 because you did not receive your fair share of thesales in good time. You now have a choice, do you want to stay withUniversity Printers to continue to sell your book, or do you want to go toanother publisher?" Matt could hardly breathe, Nn Lolitas that much money, to him?Almost a million bucks. Gary whispered to Matt, "I've already talked to EducationPublishers and they want you, they'll pay a $250,000 bonus if you jointheir firm." Matt turned to stare at Nn Lolitas Gary, he whispered, "You're kidding?" "No!" "Do I speak?" "Yes!" "Your honor, if it please the court, I would like to go with adifferent publisher." "Thank you, Dr. Ridgway, I will have the computer files ofyour book confiscated immediately, and University Printers will be dealtwith harshly if they try to sell another one of your books. Their unsoldpublished books at book stores and other companies will be returned tothem." "Thank you, your honor." A rap of the gavel followed by "Case Closed" came next. Thedefendants were stomping out of the courtroom, staring arrows at Gary andMatt, "I don't think they look very friendly, Gary, should we immediatelyfall dead?" "Listen, Matt, they are very lucky that none of them was triedon criminal charges. That would have occurred if I had pushed it. "'Nough said. Now we go to lunch on me, well, on UniversityPrinters, then you two will have to get on the plane again." "Oh, no," Hardy and Matt howled as one. Gary broke out in gales of laughter, "I'm sorry, guys, Nn Lolitas I waskidding, you'll just have to ride back in the Cadillac limo. The driver isa faithful old friend of mine who will be unable to see into the back seat,and wouldn't care what you did anyway." "By the way, Gary, my dear brother-in-law, how much of thataward am I going to get to keep?" "Well, Matt, counting my fees, taxes and expenses, you'llprobably end up with two thirds of the judgment and two thirds of the bonusfrom Educational Printers. So, I'd guess about $650,000 all told. Maybemore, it depends how high the further damages go. Possibly it could be asmuch as $750,000."* * * * * The limousine had passed through Findlay before their bubblingenthusiasm and excitement had worn off and their mouths stopped talking.Hardy finally forced a kiss on Matt's lips in order to stop him fromtalking. "Hardy, I am so pleased at the outcome of those awards. And Iam especially happy that you are with me to share everything." "Oh, Matt, I couldn't, that's your money, you earned it." "Damn tootin' it is yours, too. I earned that for you, too." "But you didn't know me then." "One more word about that, Hardy, and I'll cut Nn Lolitas off yourallowance." "Oh, no, what will I do?" They rode quietly for a while. "Hardy." Nn Lolitas "What?" Nn Lolitas "What shall we buy first?" Hardy responded, "I don't know, it's your.... " "No more of that, Hardy. It's not my money. IT IS OUR MONEY!Got it?" "Okay," Hardy seemed a little sad, a little down. Matt got on his knees on the floor in front of Hardy. He puthis hands on Hardy's thighs, "Is my big-dicked lover feeling a little hurt,not appreciated? Does he need a little pick-me-up? Well, we'll see whatwe can do." Hardy was trying not to laugh at Matt, and kept his face downwhile he felt Matt's hands at his belt, button and zipper, each of which heopened. When Matt gripped Hardy's pants and shorts in the rear, hecooperated by lifting his butt so they could be removed. Matt's face immediately sank into Hardy's crotch, smelling hislover's aromas, his sex and his male scent. His hands ended up underHardy's butt, squeezing those ripe melons and letting his fingers walklightly between the cheeks. "Oh, Matty, I don't deserve you, I can't bring much to ourpartnership, not much of any worth." Nn Lolitas Matt grabbed Hardy's scrotum and balls, pulling them highabove his crotch. "Damn it, Hardy, I'll pull your balls off. I don't give adamn about you bringing valuables to our home. You bring me your totallove, I know it and you do, too, for that I would give all that I justwon." Tears appeared in Matt's eyes, "Don't you understand that," hecomplained, "I don't want your stuff, I WANT YOU." Hardy gave in and started tearing himself, he hesitated, "Mybeloved Matt, I know what you mean," he coughed deep in his chest, "andthat's all I want from you. I'm sorry, I'll try to do better." He wipedhis eyes and giggled, "Now, you could continue with your little'pick-me-up', maybe?" Gently releasing Hardy's balls, he headed back for the hardonnext to them. He sank Hardy's hot rod into his mouth to his throat,licking up and down and around the cockhead. Hardy was so excited andpassionate that he only lasted a couple minutes before he was shooting hishot juices into Matt's throat, juices that Matt drank with joy and love. When Hardy was finished, Matt was embarrassed when he sat backon the seat to notice that he had cum Nn Lolitas when Hardy had, making a large wetspot in his lap. Matt pointed it out to Hardy, "See what I go through for you?" Hardy leaned over to give his lover a special kiss, tongue andall, "Yes, Matty, we both give for the other. I accept that what we haveis ours, and belongs to both. Thank you for showing me the way, hon." They kept quiet for a moment. Then, "So, Hardy, what shall webuy first?" They both roared, then lay on the wide seat, cuddlingtogether, finally sleeping until they stopped in front of their house inWindsor. The driver nodded when they thanked him, but he was thinkingthat they were a lucky pair, handsome and so well endowed. Yes, he couldsee everything in the back seat, dicks and all. He damn near wrecked thelimo once or twice while watching and another time when he was jerking offhis own cock, all over his pants. Oh well, he'd clean them up before hewent home.* * * * * The two travelers had gotten home in Windsor by 5:00 P.M.,refreshed by their nap in the car. Both had noticed the look the driverhad given them when they exited the vehicle, again wondering if he reallycouldn't see in the back seat. Both bet he could. They'd have to tellGary. Matt and Hardy only spent enough time in the house to changeinto casual clothes, saving a shower for later, after they had supper.Hopping into his Town and Country van, Matt drove them to the Hob Nobrestaurant, almost empty since the students were on holiday. Walking to abooth, Matt noticed that BJ and LJ were sitting in a booth, but hadn't beenserved yet. "Hey, guys, you got room for two more?" Matt smiled at the Bigand Little Jeff's. "We've been to Columbus today and need to relax." BJ jumped up, stood away from the bench seat, "Sure,Dr. Ridgway, you two sit over there." He smiled, "We'd rather be on thesame side anyway." Matt looked at BJ with a smile in his eyes, "Oh, is thatright, BJ. And just why would that be?" BJ blushed deeply, giving a quick glance at LJ, then back toMatt. "Let's just say we're buds, and enjoy being together." He alsosmiled. As Matt and Hardy sat down, Matt realized that Hardy wasgiving him a deep frown. That must mean that he was teasing the Jeff's toomuch. 'Ooops,' he thought. 'I better make up for it.' When the waiter came by, Matt told him that he would take careof all the charges for the four of them. Hardy and Matt ordered thespecial of beef tips on noodles and trimmings, and the Jeff's both had theyoung peoples' dinner, cheeseburger, fries and corn chips with salsa plus apitcher of coke. The four of them talked about the Dukes since three ofthem were Dukes while the fourth was the director. Matt explained wheretheir next performance would be and some of the new arrangements he andHardy had finished. Their orders were delivered to the table and they dugin quickly. "If you two, or any of the others, have suggestions for thegroup, please tell me or Hardy. We want to present an entertaining andeducational production, yet still keep pace with the constant changes ofnew music, classical or popular or anywhere in between." He looked at themseriously, "I, we, do want your input for the success of the group. Okay?" "Sure, Dr. Ridgway," they answered. "And, when we're not in school you can call me Matt. Okaywith that, too?" Both Jeff's smiled broadly, "Sure." They had almost finished when the door to the restaurantopened and Matt watched Brian come in, noticed them and walked to thebooth. Matt stood up, ready to welcome his friend, and was able tointroduce Jeff O'Brien and Jeff McGruder to him. Matt had expected Brianbecause he said he would be at the Hob Nob by 6:00 P.M. to go for a ride. "Guys, this is a friend of mine, Brian, who is helping us tolocate the RV." He turned to Brian, "How many can the helicopter carry,maybe all of us?" "Sure," Brian answered, "we won't be long, following yourdirections." He looked at the Jeff's, "You want a night helicopter ride,the four of you?" "Hey, man, we'd love it," BJ said, and LJ echoed. Brian spoke, "The four of you? Matt, you are coming along,too?" "Oh, no, I don't think so." Brian made a silly threat. "Well, then, I won't go either. Sothere." He stuck out his tongue and gave Matt a pure and true raspberry. Each of these two could act as childish as the other. Hardy spoke up, "Come on, Matt, you can hold my hand like youdid this morning." Brian considered it done. "Okay, let's go. I have to get thathelicopter back before long. Matt, I have Adam's big truck tonight, so Ican take us all to the helicopter." He thought for a minute, "And, I maylike to stay overnight with you, the pilot can find his way home withoutme." He grinned. Matt paid the bill, leaving a good tip; he and Hardy would beeating there often in the next months. Brian and Hardy left the restaurant while the Jeff's picked uptheir coats and backpacks. Matt followed them out, an arm around theshoulder of each Jeff. He whispered, "Guys, I want to apologize forteasing you earlier. I was out of line and hope you'll forgive me.Sometimes I get carried away. I wouldn't have said anything if any otherpeople had been Nn Lolitas around." He stopped them, having them face him, "You know, the four ofus are in the same special group of men, and we have to stick together." Heasked, "Do you understand what I'm talking about?" "Yes, ah ... Matt, we do and we thank you." Nn Lolitas "Okay, just remember that we have to stick together and keepour business to ourselves." He hugged the two young men, enjoying their company andappreciating their talents."* * * * * True to his word, Hardy held Matt's hand all the time theywere in the air. Sometimes, Brian even deigned to lend a hand. Matt said"Thank you", but didn't really smile. He was still petrified, terrified,mainly trying to not lose control of his body, in any way. Brian had the pilot head south of Windsor along Ohio Route 15,straight as an arrow for Bryan, flying a mile or so to the east of theroute. If they didn't pick up a signal by the time they reached Bryan, hewas to head west, then north to fly back along Route 15 again. Just past the little town of West Jefferson the transponderindicated a signal had been returned, just a nanosecond long, but enough tobe picked up. "Okay, Jim, make a wide circle and head back north a mile orso west of Route 15." Again, the response signal came in. "Jim, we need to locate that as closely as possible, bytriangulation if we can. Try to stay at least two miles away from thehighway. I'd bet the barn or whatever is fairly close to the road." After fifteen minutes of circling, the pilot, Jim, said he hada very good position of the electronic response. Pointing to theelectronic mechanism, "This machine here, Brian, will print out a map ofthe area and exactly where the signal came from." "Great." Nn Lolitas Big Jeff spoke up, "Could I see that map, Brian, the locationlooks familiar?" "Sure, Jeff, here." He laughed, "By the way, Jeff, are you bigor little?" Jeff snickered, "Well, that depends on how you look at it?" Jeff took the sheet, turned on his seat light and almost said'eureka'. "Matt, I know who lives there, or right nearby." Matt stopped him. "Wait, Jeff, is it Ted Anthony?" "How did you know, Matt?" Jeff said. "That's right, you know,his folks used to farm there, but haven't for a few years. I don't thinkanyone lives there now, but Ted would know that place like the back of hishand. Do you think that is where Nn Lolitas he took the RV?" "Wait, Jeff, let's not get ahead of ourselves. I'd like someinformation first." Matt even let go of Hardy's hand in hisexcitement. "What is he like?" "Ted is a nice guy, Matt, reasonably intelligent and gets goodgrades because he works so hard. I've never known of him doing anythingbad, but you never know what kind of pressure he's under, or he putshimself under." "Jeff, can you take me to meet him tomorrow? I don't want togo in blind." "Sure, Matt." "Thank you so much, Brian, I think we've done it, thanks toyou and your contraption here," indicating the copter. Nn Lolitas "You're welcome, Nn Lolitas Matt, now if you have a bed at home, I thinkI will stay."* * * * *Matt, Hardy and Brian spent a fine evening at Matt's housethat night. Matt scrounged up a nice bedtime snack while they relaxed inthe living room. He also found a clean sleep top and shorts for Brian towear to bed. Nn Lolitas "Brian, you will spend the night in what was Hardy's room, forall of one night." He grinned at the young blond, "I must admit that he'sslept with me ever since. If ever there was love at first sight, Brian, wecan prove it." Brian smiled broadly after Matt told about Hardy giving lovinglooks at him that first day in his class, and his return looks at the manhe already loved. "You know, Matt and Hardy, Mike and I had a very similarexperience. He looked at a photo of me, in a Speedo actually, and decidedI was it. I didn't meet him for a few weeks after that; there was noquestion in my mind. We had to wait until I finished my term as HousePage, but then I was eighteen. You'll have to read our story on Nifty toget the whole story, but I did pull some unfair tactics to capture him," hethought, "or was it just the reverse." Matt and Hardy were sitting on the sofa with Brian in the easychair. Brian finally noticed the looks passing between the two lovers anddecided he should go to bed. He stood up and crossed to them. Nn Lolitas "Matt and Hardy, I'm so happy to have met you, you are thegreatest." He grabbed one of Hardy's hands and one of Matt's, leaned overthem, "I'm wishing Nn Lolitas you two the most wonderful Nn Lolitas life that anyone can possiblyhave." He smiled and kissed each one on the cheek, "And, I'm going to bedso you guys can enjoy each other. When I see the love that flows betweenyou, I can understand what Mike and I look like when we're together. Loveyou both." He squeezed both hands and went upstairs to his room. He verymuch missed his own bed and his own partner, Mike, but knew he'd be homethe next day. Brian had called Mike in Washington to explain what he wasdoing, and Mike gave him credit for taking the bull by the horns to helpMatt and Hardy. "Brian, I'm going Nn Lolitas to want to really get to know those men, I'mmore impressed each time I hear about them. And, I want to meet Matt'sbrother, Steve, too." "About that, Mike, Matt suggested we all meet at Steve's housein Columbus, soon. Steve's partner lives next door, and so does Steve. Itsounds confusing, but isn't." He explained, "But when do I get to see you,Mike, I'm missing you very much." "I'll be home on the weekend, have patience, lad." "Okay, Mike, bye." Nn Lolitas "Bye."* * * * * Brian crawled into his bed and quickly fell asleep so Matt andHardy needn't have tried to be so quiet when making love. Matt thanked forHardy helping him on the helicopter and also for not teasing him about hisfright. Since both knew that if they made anal love, the noise would beterrific, both by the bottom and top. So, they had a wonderful sexualexperience by sucking each other off, sealing their love so earnestly andwith great passion. Nn Lolitas The juices flowed, the love abounded and the menfulfilled each other's devoted heart. In the wee hours of the morning Brian woke up having to pee,desperately. He went to the bathroom, then, on going back, he peeked intoMatt's bedroom but just saw their two naked bodies, wrapped in each other,entwined. They looked so hot, so beautiful, Brian thought. He was quite abit envious. He thought about it, but fell asleep before he could jerkoff. Brian left in Adam's truck early in the morning, but onlyafter eating a 'good' breakfast from 'Mom' Ridgway. He left also with manythanks from Matt and Hardy for helping them out. They all promised to meetagain soon, maybe at Steve's house in Bexley.* * * * * In the morning of the following day Gerald Ridgway was sittingin his favorite chair, reading the Columbus Dispatch and drinking hissecond coffee of the day. Suddenly, he jumped out of the chair and ran tothe kitchen "Blanche, Blanche, wait 'til you hear what is in thismorning's Nn Lolitas paper. It's about our son." A tired, dull voice came from the kitchen. "I don't want tohear anything about our son, either one or the other." Gerald backed against the counter, still reading. "Blanche,you will want to hear this. Our younger son, Matthew, just received anaward from the University Printers of almost a million dollars. They hadbeen cheating him on royalties of sales of his book and the courts got themgood. Half a million first and then penalties and costs have been awarded. "Blanche, our ship has come in. We'll just get hold of MatthewBunker Ridgway III or IV or V, and explain the facts of life to him." His wife spoke up, "What about that other son? I read he justsold a statue for $100,000. He really should share that with us too, Nn Lolitas afterall we did for him. And all those lessons?" Gerald settled back down in his armchair, rereading the storyand trying to figure out just how they should approach their sons."Blanche, I wish you hadn't told Matt we didn't ever want to see himagain. That damn faggot is rich now and a lot of that money should beours." Blanche responded excitedly, "I'm glad we didn't move fartherthan Westerville. We wouldn't have learned about all this good fortunethey've found." Gerald wished they had gone to Steven's wife memorial service."That was probably a big mistake on our part, Blanche, not going to Becky'sservice. I hope that doesn't come back to haunt us."* * * * *Matt was excited that next morning after Brian had left forRiver City. He liked the young man very much, hoping that they would meetagain soon. The fact that Brian had a few hundred million dollars meantnothing, Matt told himself. Hardy had again gone to meet with his seminarmates for work on their projects. 'Hmmm,' Matt thought, 'maybe I haveassigned them too much for this term's work.' While Matt was washing up in the sink, he remembered lovingHardy's cock last night, one of their most wonderful and loving experiencestogether, and felt so in love with Hardy, recognizing his need Nn Lolitas for hispartner to love him. Hardy had given Matt's cock a real workout then, too,working in a 69 position. Nn Lolitas The phone beeped at Matt from the living room. "Sometimes Iwish I had gotten a phone on the wall that never moved." "Hello?" "Hi, Dr. Ridgway, this is Jeff O'Brien. I was wondering if youwanted to go see Ted Anthony today, and if wanted me with you?" "I sure do, Jeff. I've just been slow this morning, trying toget Hardy off to his meeting. How soon would you be ready?" Jeff laughed, "Well, Doc, I'm sitting in my car in front ofyour house." Walking to the front door, Matt opened it and waved for Jeffto come in the house. He was a cute little guy, though from the rumors hemust be not so small in one specific area. Jeff McGruder was a lucky guy,he thought, sort of a Mutt and Jeff relationship. Just depends whether BigJeff would be satisfied with his partner's equipment or not. Matt shook Jeff's hand as he entered. "Let me take your coat,Jeff, how about a cup of coffee?" Matt noticed that Jeff was looking athis body and he realized that he was still naked except for his flimsysleep shorts and wool socks. He thought, 'Oh, what the hell.' "Sure, that would be fine." He sat at the kitchen table,"Have you decided how to go about confronting Ted?" "Well, Jeff, I'm not quite sure. Does Ted seem under controlall the time, or can he become upset quickly?" "Most of the time I've been with him, he's been fine, thoughthere was that time he almost decked a guy for giving him a hard time abouthis clothes." Jeff laughed, "Ted does sometimes come up with pretty wildoutfits." Matt poured a cup for himself and sat at the table besideJeff. "Jeff, I must admit that I don't exactly have a plan. If Ted hasdone this on the spur of the moment and had no real spite or maliceintended, I would just as soon not take him to the police. However, if hestole the RV with the purpose of selling it and making money, then heshould go to jail." He took a sip, "I guess I'll just have to talk to Nn Lolitas himto determine what I'd want to do. So, we will have to do this on our own,if you are willing to go along with me." "You can count on me, Matt, whatever you need me to do." "That's great. Let me drive my van and we'll head south onRoute 15 until Nn Lolitas we get near the target. Take your cell phone with us, willyou, Hardy has ours at school."* * * * * Back in Westerville Blanche and Gerald were trying to makeplans. They knew where Steve lived, but had no idea where Matt was. "Heused to live near the U of Ohio campus, but he must be gone by now,"Blanche said, "how are we going to find out?" "Maybe we'll have to find out from Steve, he should know.Those fags stick together." Blanche looked unhappy, "You know, I really miss seeing ourgrandsons, Gerald, maybe we could make up with Nn Lolitas Steve and see him and theboys, then casually ask about Matt. Steve doesn't know what we've said toMatt."* * * * *"That's the farm on the right, Matt. We'll have to take achance that Ted would be at home, not here at his grandfather's old farm."Matt pulled over to the side of the road where he could get a good look atthe farm. About 200 yards back from the road, on a small rise, was ahuge farmhouse, freshly painted white, spreading out over the lot. Therewas a wide porch around three sides of the first floor, continuing as faras he could see. The white gravel drive up to the house led between rowsof huge oak trees lining both sides. In the summer that would be abeautiful tunnel of green, stretching to maybe 40 to 50 feet. "Hey, Jeff, I've got an idea. Now, listen." After Matt explained, they pulled into the farm drive all theway to the barn. "Jeff, would you look in the barn to see if the RV isthere?" He watched as Jeff left the van, ran to the small door of thebarn and disappeared inside. In just five seconds he reappeared with a bigsmile on his face, saying 'yes' with a violent movement of his arm. Theyhad traveled another 100 yards back from the farmhouse to reach thebarn. He also noted a dairy barn behind the main barn. These buildings musthave ancient histories, probably built back in the late 1800s, and still ingreat shape as far as he could see. Then Matt spotted on the roof of themain barn, in the shingle design was formed the date of 1884. A wonderful thought passed through Matt's mind. He hadnoticed a real Nn Lolitas estate agency's sign on the land by the main road. Hethought, Nn Lolitas 'Oh, man, what a beautiful place this would be to live on. Thehouse looks huge, probably many rooms, and he also thought, that dairy barnmost likely would have a concrete floor, just perfect for Steve'ssculpture. No question that the house would be big enough to accommodatemany guests. Wonder if the inside is kept up, too?' He also consideredwhat the price would be. 'Hell,' he thought, 'I'll have enough money, nomatter.' When Jeff got back to the van, Matt got out. "Get in the vandriver's seat, Jeff, like we said, and go to Ted's house." He smiled, "Anddon't hot rod it, okay?" Jeff grinned wickedly. Nn Lolitas Matt entered the barn as Jeff left, pleased to see their MotorHome looking great. As he toured the exterior, he found no dings oranything, hardly any dust. Opening the RV door at the front, he walkedthrough and again checked out the condition. All fine. "Ok," he spoke tohimself, "so far, so good. Now if Jeff can complete his mission."* * * * *Jeff had driven Matt's van to Ted's present house. To set hischaracter, he parked and started breathing heavily, panting and slapped hisface a few times. 'Boy, this is the hard way to get my character going'. Because Ted might be watching out for him, Jeff jumped out ofthe van and ran to the front door of the farmhouse. He pounded the door,then saw a bell and rang that, too. Suddenly the Nn Lolitas door opened and hebreathed a sigh of relief because Ted Anthony stood there in the doorway. "Hi, Jeff, what's up?" "Hi, Ted. Has anyone been by before this? We have guys andcars out in the whole area from Windsor to Bryan to search for the MotorHome belonging to the Dukes. You haven't seen any?" Ted looked startled and nervous, his eyes jumping from spot tospot. "No, Jeff, we haven't seen anybody. "Where are they looking?" "I don't know, really, Ted, just anywhere I guess. Well, Ibetter get going, Ted, let us know if you hear of anything. Thanks. Seeyou." Returning to the van, Jeff raced to the door, opening it wideand climbing in. He tore away with his tires spinning and showering thelawn with gravel. He spun around, heading back to Ted's grandfather's oldfarm where Matt was waiting for him, and, hopefully, for Ted. The white van sped through the farm entrance, continuing tothe barn and around it to the rear, where Ted wouldn't see it when he came,if he came. Through one of the barn windows Matt saw Jeff go by, his signalto be alert for Ted. Fifteen minutes must have passed before Matt heard another carapproaching the barn. He could tell when it swung in the drive to the barnand came to a stop by the barn door. The sunlight flashed inside the barnas Ted opened the small door and walked to the door of the Motor Home. Matt was sitting back a way in the RV, watching Ted as heclimbed inside, sitting in the driver's seat. Suddenly, "Son of a bitch,where are the keys? I know I left them here." Nn Lolitas Ted heard Matt's voice, "I have the keys, Ted, so just sitdown, we're not Nn Lolitas in any hurry." Ted went spastic, jerking around to seeMatt a few feet behind him. His head spun one direction, then another,trying to find a way out. As he headed for the door where he entered, hesaw Jeff blocking the way. Ted could only think, 'God, I'm trapped. Whatcan I do?' "D ... d ... d ... octor, Ridgway. What are you doing here?" "Well, Jeff, I found this RV, and naturally wondered who hadstolen it from Windsor. Now you are here, looking for the keys, but let metell you what I think." Matt and Jeff held on to Ted and led him to the sofa wherethey sat him between them. Ted was practically a basket case, panicked andtwitching around, unable to stay still. "Now, Ted, let me tell you what I think happened. Somebodyfigured out just where the twins put this RV after we hid it in thewarehouse. Then, Ted, this somebody decided to steal it and hide itsomewhere out of town, harder to find." "But.. But ... Dr. Ridgway, ah it ..." Matt broke in, "Ted you don't have to say anything yet, untilyou hear how I solved the case." He continued, "What I think is that thisguy knew your grandfather's old farm would be a good place where no onewent. That's why the RV is in the barn, a place you know well." Matt put an arm around Ted's shoulders and held one hand inhis own. He leaned over to Ted, looking him directly in the eyes, "Ted, Idon't think you did this, I think someone hid this in this place to get youin trouble. Am I right?" Tears had formed in Ted's eyes, threatening to burst over, butfinally he understood what Dr. Ridgway was trying to tell him. Matt knewTed was guilty, but was going to let him go free. He wasn't going to besent to jail. 'Oh, thank god,' he thought. "Yes," he said staring atMatt's eyes, "yes, I think that is the way it must have happened. You areright." He was trying hard to keep from crying. "Ok, Ted, that is great, you understand me. I'm grateful thatyou do." Matt turned to Jeff, "Jeff, would you go get the van and pullit around. We'll be leaving in a minute." Back to Ted, "Ted, I want you todrive the RV back to Windsor, so that in case there are any of yourfingerprints, by accident, they can be explained since you drove it back.Does that sound okay to you?" Matt and Ted stood up. Ted nodded sincerely, "That's great. Thank you so much." Tedreached out awkwardly and, wrapping his arms around Matt, hugged him for aquick moment. He whispered, "Thank you, sir."* * * * * Jeff took off with the van and Matt rode back to Windsor inthe RV with Ted driving. He turned Nn Lolitas to look at Ted's face, a young, but cuteface, full of good character. He decided that he had to know. "Ted, you know I'm sure you are the one who took the RV, don'tyou." Ted's face dropped swiftly, somber and afraid. "Yes," hesqueaked. "But, also remember that I'm not going to turn you in, youwon't be going to jail, for sure." "Thank you again, Dr. Ridgway." "Ted, I would like to know why you did it? Could you tellme?" Ted drove for five minutes before he answered, trying todecide if he should trust his professor. "I'm sorry, sir, I was jealous ofHardy and Roger, playing in the Dukes. I tried out but didn't make it."Again he was looked depressed. "I thought I played very well." "Yes, Ted, you did. However, Hardy is as good a trombonist asI've ever heard. And Roger is close behind him. You also were good, too.But, I'm afraid, not quite as good. You are playing first trombone justafter Roger, right?" "I'm happy there, sir, I just lost my head, in my mind I hatedthem. So, I tried to upset the Dukes by taking this RV. I'm sorry." "Well, Ted, I'll be telling a tall story to the police sostick to what I say. You didn't act very wisely, but I wouldn't want youto lose your freedom for what I'm sure was a student prank." Ted looked carefully at Matt, seeing Nn Lolitas a wide smile, broke intoa delighted grin, then looked back at the road. "That's right, Matt,that's right," nodding all the time, delirious inside.* * * * * In Columbus Steve was working in his studio while Anne hadtaken the kids to some museum or other and Gary was at the courthouse. Hisphone called to him. Nn Lolitas "Hello?" "Hi, I'm looking for Matthew Ridgway and I wondered if youcould tell me where he is now." 'Son of a bitch,' Steve thought, 'that's my father. Why doeshe want Matt?' "I'm sorry, sir, but I have no idea where he is or what he isdoing. Haven't seen him in a long, long time." "Oh, well, thank you." He hung up. Steve put the receiver down and went back to his work. "Well,"he spoke out loud to himself, "that old fart knows where I live and wantsMatt. I wonder. Could he have seen the court award in the paper, thejudgment that Matt got?" Steve tried to call Matt, but there was no answer at Nn Lolitas hishouse. 'I'll try him later today, he may be out still searching for hismotor home.' He went back to work on his latest project for which hisassistant at the computer company had commissioned. This would be a statueof him from the waist up, no clothes on, for his parents who lived inCalifornia in the old family home. They didn't get to see their son veryoften and he hoped a statue of him would help. Steve didn't understand thereason for no clothes, but the customer gets what he wants. He admitted tohimself that his assistant was really hot, very well built. But for yourparents? At the same time he was concerned as to what his parents wereup to. No doubt they had seen Matt's court award in the paper Nn Lolitas and nowwanted to get in on it. They might have also seen the report of his$100,000 sale of the sculpture he'd done for Matt. Well, he'd do anotherone for Matt. Steve didn't really need the money, but the sale would begood publicity, which he could use. He needed to talk to Matt because they needed to prepare foran attack by their parents. These people were their parents, but they werealso avaricious to a fault, and for sure wanted part of their sons' income."I better talk to Gary as to what we can do to protect ourselves."Write to Paul at dukesofwindsorjuno.com* * * * *Turning The PageSome characters in this story have been drawn from my first book, TurningThe Page, Nifty/Adult Friends/August 13, 2002. It is not necessary to readthat book first, but it would give you a background for The Dukes andDuchess of Windsor.
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